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East Texas Beef Processors

East Texas Beef Processors

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About Us

The Lang family has been in Texas since 1905. Together, they support the communities and businesses of Anderson and surrounding counties. As of 2022, the Lang family has ventured to create East Texas Beef Processing to support and feed our Texas communities.

There are now six generations of Langs who have continuously been in the cattle and farming industry. The four living generations reside on the original property purchased by Crawford Lang in North Anderson County.

The Lang family has always raised quality cattle using cross breeding and superior genetics to produce choice and prime graded beef.

Lang Cattle Company's expansion in to East Texas Beef Processing will provide this quality beef to the people of East Texas, as well as custom processing for friends and neighbors.

Our facility is USDA inspected. A federal inspector is on site at all times ensuring the quality and safety of all products. Whether you are a local farmer looking to get the custom cuts you like or a grower that relies on merchandising all possible cuts to gain the most from your work we are your place. We can also utilize your own logo on the labels.


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